The Groups environment provides FFOG members with opportunities to collaborate on topics of mutual interest between meetings.

Fast Facts about FFOG Groups

  • Groups can be formed around a specific topic (e.g., International Investments, Accounting Issues) or be organized on an ad hoc basis - just for fun or to address a temporary situation.
  • Any member can start a group by requesting a new topic-specific group. Each group that has been established also provides an open invitation to Join Icon Join Group, located at the top of the group page.
  • To leave a group, click Options Icon Options at the top of the group page, and then click to Red Icon Leave This Group.
  • A group is archived once the last member has dropped out, or there has been no activity for the past six months. However, the information associated with the group is retained on the site, so that it may be referenced in the future.
  • FFOG's committees each have a group environment with some special characteristics. Membership is restricted to official committee members; there is no open invitation to join. If you are not a committee member, you will not see additional information for the committee.

It's easy to start a group!

Request a new topic-specific group here. Within a group, members can collaborate by sharing documents and discussing issues via a group-specific forum.

LIST of Active Groups